Product development

Indes makes distinctive products, which are easier and safer to use. By adopting a structured approach to development, we are able to reduce costs and realise shorter time-to-market. Our user-centered design, development and supply concept ensures that your product is optimally tailored to the needs of the end users as soon as it is launched onto the market. This concept is known as UCID® (User Centered Industrial Design), which we developed in-house. UCID® increases the chances of a successful market launch considerably.

Market knowledge and analyses

Indes focuses on three markets: Medical Cure, Human Care and E-mobility. This focus has given us an in-depth understanding of these markets. We know the players and developments, and are able to identify opportunities. This allows us to tailor our technology to the requirements and wishes of the market. We can also secure a good market position in terms of price and product experience.

Successful product development

Our UCID® methodology is applied to every stage of our standardised product development process, which is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. UCID® puts the customer centre stage during the product development cycle. The products that are designed, developed and created by Indes support the end users in their everyday life and / or work.

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